Monday, July 10, 2006

Location of Atlantis.

(Pilars of Herculis in Agriggento,Sicily)

Now as we know Atlantis after the story of Plato was located "outside the Pilars of Herculis" which in nowdays is located in the strait of Gibraltar.So that means that Atlantis location is somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean.I don't know, But not to many people know the fact that till the year 260 B.C the ancient greeks used to locate the Pillars Of Herculis a little bit closer than what we do know in present times.Well just a "tad".Pilars of Herculis were located in Sicily.Thats right.The strait of Messina used to be called Pilars of Herculis in ancient times.Well the famous Pilars of Herculis were located in various places during many centeries.All because the expansion of the greeks in Mediterranian.So many places were called with the same names like the English in North America when thay started building their cities and giving the names of the Old continent metropols.(London,Paris,York etc).This means that the Plars were and remain inside the Mediterrenian Sea.Could the Strait of Otranto been called in ancient times Pilars of Herculis to.Well it is a very famous strait that joins to different seas Adriatic and Ion.In fact there are not so many strait that joins the seas with each other in Mediterranian.The ancient greeks till 260 B.C used to locate the Pilars in South of Italy.The strait of Otranto is right there at the tip of the heel of the famous "Italian Boot" between Italy and Albania.

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A.S.N said...

Hello, I totally agree with you that Sicily is the location of Pillars of Hercules, many historians know that.
It is an historical fact that as Alexander’s empire grew big it was best that pillars would be identified with Straits of Gibraltar. Sicily translated in Etruscan (Etruscan is read backwards) becomes Ilikis which in Illyrian meant Hercules. Nevertheless, what I failed to see is the connection of Sicily and Albania. At the time of Atlantis Adriatic area was very high, and there is a probability that Adriatic didn’t exist at all. As Sarmast, the explorer of Atlantis in Cyprus, demonstrates in his animation:
Check the first animation.
There was no Adriatic Sea at all.
Also the description of Plato doesn’t match Albania at all. He is talking about a narrow harbor or lake which at that time was very shallow. If I am not mistaken the entrance of Otranto is very deep. Even if you lower the sea level by 150 meters which the oceanography claims to had been at the time of Plato, still very deep for more than a km.

I am a computer Scientist and specialize on Reverse Linguistics. I have done an intensive work in decoding the reference from Plato. You can check it out on my website:
Also I can send you a NASA satellite image of the area you claim Atlantis to be.
It doesn’t show anything out of ordinary. It is a better image than Google as it clarifies the Bathymetry aspects if the image.
I am sorry if I discourage you. I may be wrong, but I don’t see any convincing fact. Nevertheless, keep up with your work who knows it may be closer than we thought.