Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Plato is telling to us by his dialogues that Atlantis was located " there when the sun disappear".So it means that Atlantis was located at the very point
when sun "goes down".Now we have to understand that Plato had as point of reference the "hellenic world" which mean Athens and area around it.In Greece everyone knows that the sun goes down (specially in summer) at northwest.
By using the clock field that coordinate is 10:30.
This coordinate if you check the picture matches perfectly the location of Durres(Epidamnos-Dyrrachium).

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Anonymous said...

Hi, can you tell me where in the script you see the word “there”? Are you using as point of reference the English version or Greek? Let me know where you got it.

As far as I know is not Plato who’s describing but the Egyptian priest. The only word used by Plato is Ipiros (do not confuse with Epirus, at the timer of the Egyptian it didn’t exist yet). This means west in Greek. Also he is using the word pelagos which means sea. So it is west of the Sea. I measured the Adriatic Sea and can’t fit the 400x600 km, the size assumed Atlantis to be. I am an Albanian myself but I would diverge the scientific interest just to fulfill my nationalistic “needs”. Sorry shqipe! Nevertheless, I assure you that Albanians are the descendant of Atlantis. When the time comes I will prove it.
Peace brother,

p.s you do have to collect data and facts and organize them and also study them carefully from the historian point of few as well as from other scientific views. One more correction, Durres was never the capital of Albania during 14’-20, but Vlora-City!