Monday, July 03, 2006

Atlantis is in Albania (pt.2)Atlantis story (a.k.a what we all don't know)

This, the city, or the so called lost continent, or the land of Aryans and whatever you want to call it, in todays worldmostly a myth and a legend but perhaps it may be true.Are these the people that died in the great flooding in Noahs time?Anyway. im going to tell it all to you, tell you what people think and what do they say and those perhaps have any evidence .Is there any language in the world that can translate ATLANT?English have close afirmative verbs and preffixs begginings witht he Albanian language only that english was spoken 6.000 years after Albanian evolved.AT in means FATHER in Albanian FATHER, and so does in German. PADRE in Italian. By pronouncingAD and then AT you will hear the same tone and rythem and mistakenly spell it ED if you don't know.LAND in english means simply land if you pronounce LANT it might sound more with the letter D at the end of the word.In ilirian the word LANTOKDE means LAND in english or ground.In ALbanian today it is TOK which also means TOGether in english.Check all the similarities. Of course english came from Germanic indo european indom like some historians say but Ilirian(Albanian)is way older than Germanic or even Greek.Modern greeks do not understand ancient greeks. But as I said beforethere is no modern Albanian or ancient Albanian, it will never be, the reason is,, I will explain it later.Now, I can simply say AT LANT meaning FATHER LAND (in my theory).Why don't Albanian use LANTOKDE nomore? The reason is that Albanian language it is a part of Ilirians that survived during dark ages, occupations and etc.One of the oldest Ilirian tribe called TAULANT which means DRY LAND in Albanian, sometimes this tribe was called TAULANTIS in other dialects. This tribe had the region in western part of modernALbania and Montenegro, shored with Adriatic Sea.Another tribe called Adrians of Ilirian states boreded Taulants in northern part where todays bosnia is.All ILIRIAN tribes understood eachother but had different accent in spoken word. A look od Albania's language today you will find the same similarities. Each city, each dialect.Adrians for example used to say LAENT for LAND or the short name of LANTOK which was the official name of land and some other tribes counting more than six used only TOK as in today's modern Albanian language.TOK and also DHE . Tok=land. Dhe=soil. LANTOKDESO its possible LANTODE might be EARTH meaning the PLANET of ours o whre we live.Well, the Ilirian GOd ANTOK was God of EARTH and was written ANTOS in ancient literature of Helens and Latins.God of heaven of course Ouranuem. Can it be ATLODES the father of earth and in another words Father can be used as insted of God since father is a male gender and allways known to antiquety to rule upon other creatures and of course that is the root word which can be taken of pripary word in sentence,Anyway this proofs nothing until now, I just explained what Atlant means if Albanians are the descendants of the lost Continent or City.

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