Monday, July 03, 2006

Atlantis is in Albania(pt.3)Story of Taulantis or a.k.a Atlantis.

The Taulanti (Albanian Taulantët) were one of the largest Illyrian tribes. A myth recounted by Arian tells that their name is derived from an eponyomus ancestor, Taulas (genetive Taulanti).
They lived on the Adriatic coast of Illyria(modern Albania), between the river Vjosa on the south and the city of Epidamnos (modern Durres) on the north. This tribe played an important role in Illyrian history of the 4th-3rd centuries BC, when they ruled Illyrian kingdom, firstly established by Enchelleae. Approximately on the same land as Taulanti lived the Albanoi and Parthines tribes.
In 335 BC, King Glaukias established the Taulanti dynasty in the Illyrian Kingdom. In 323 BC, Glaukias freed all the land which had been taken from Enchelleae by the Macedonians. Later, Illyrians capture Epidamnos and Apollonia, two major Illyrian cities, founded by the Greeks in the 7th century BC. In 309 BC, Glaukias went to Epirus where Pyrrhus regained the throne. Bardylis Junior (Bardhyli i Ri), Glaukias' successor, had friendly relationship with Epirus, but it didn’t last long because Pyrrhus conquered all the land in the south of Shkumbin river. This policy was followed strictly by Monounios (280 BC), who became head of Epidamnus and made silver coins with his name. He achieved to consolidate the Illyrian Kingdom. The major cities of the Kingdom were Epidamnios, Apollonia, Damastion, Bylis, Albanopolis, Dimallium, Skodra (Shkoder), Lissos (Lezhe), Meteoni, Ulcinium (Ulqin), Rizon.


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Atlantis is in Southern Spain...

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Albania -is ewrywhere in this World
Arabic al Buni -son of God!!
Illiran -Free People
Zot -God in Albanien Language
Zoti esht me ne Koha do te Flasi -si ke Skenderbeu
Shqipri.Shqipri.Albania .Albania -rules