Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Atlantis is albanian language.

Ok let’s go back to the possible origin of the name ATLANTIS. In my opinion this name is totally a name with Illyrian or pelasgian roots .
The part AT in Albanian language ( by that Illyrian as we all now that Albanian is direct descendent of Illyrian language) means Father. In etruscean language means Mother. No w we all now that between Illyrian and etruscians existed a strong ethnic tie. In fact there are some considerations that etruscians were e branch of Illyrian –pelasgian legacy. In my opinion the etruscian alphabet was the Illyrian too.
Who said that there are no illyrians or pelasgian scripts?
So the part AT means father in Albanian (modern language too).
The part Land comes from the Illyrian word Landtokdte which means soil, ground etc.
In modern Albanian Land (lend) means Matter, Substance, material or even Timber in geg dialect.
But hear, hear there is a word (name) in Albanian language that is very intriguing.
LENDIN-A (official Albanian language) or LANDIN-A in geg.dialect = meadow.
Lendisht=timber forest (the area around Durresi’s bay (lagoon) is surrounded by this kind of forest) . Now if we join this two words together AT & LENDIN.
We have the ATLANDIN .In English it will sound like FatherMeadow (Mothermeadow)
Or more specific Main Meadow. Does it sound you like familiar concept?
The magnificent garden .The garden of Heavens.
The garden of EDEN.
Well Atlantis is described as the Paradise on Earth isn’t it?
Anyway this is just a thesis that might give some answers to our quest.I still believe that the concept of Atland=FatherLand (Main land) is the one that we should pursuit.
As I have explained before for pelasgians the name Atlantis did not have any sort of patriotism or pathetic nationality pattern. It was just a nautical reference for the main port of the Atlantis Kingdom like Mainland (main harbor etc).Pelasgian =pellg=pelag=sea people were really attached and connected with the sea.

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