Tuesday, May 20, 2008

NOT A FICTION...........................

Some studies shows the fact that the story of Atlantis is not a story that has an accurate beginning and accurate end. If we look it carefully through the lines of Plato’s tale we can realize the fact that his work is based upon the reference of the third person’s
Smart isn’t it.
If anything is not accurate he can blame it on the guy that is telling story.
We do that all the time.
Blame Solon, blame anyone you want. After all history is not an exact science.
But anyway the characters that Plato is using in his version of Atlantis story are really very important history figures. Let’s take for example Solon.
A very distinguished personality of 6th century b.c. Even Cricia is a very important figure in Hellenic history .He used to be the member of the “the thirties” in Athens a technocracy of the first half of 4th century when Cricia was the main ruler and as it turns out from the historians the person who convicted Socrates .He was Plato’s uncle too.
Now if you were Plato would you put in the mouth of such important persons the story of Atlantis by knowing that is all a “fiction”?
Unless you are a nutcase I don’t think sow.
Plato remembers very well the fate of his mentor and teacher Socrates. Well his uncle ordered to poisoning him (because of his “heresy”).
So as it turns out that Plato didn’t care at all about the accuracy of his story and this my dear friends means conviction .Plato believed deeply in his heart that Atlantis story was a real one and he uses this important or V.I.P. personalities in function of the accuracy of his story.Now there is a sort of utopia spirit in Platos’s story .He describes the Athenians and specially Atlantenians as people of such merits that you can barely distinguish them from gods.
Plato was really a romantic sick son of gun.
Under the influence of such romantic spirit you can make e village look like metropolis ,you can make city look like an empire and you can make year look like a century.
In modern time but maybe even in old ones you can sell a lot copies of your book.
Its not cheating, its not lying its just enriching your master piece with such elements that makes it eternally a “best seller”.

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