Saturday, April 19, 2008

Atlanis in Europe and Ballkan.

Let's talk a little bit about the story of Atlantis .This what we are supposed to do.Wright?!.
Plato is referring to an Island that used dwelt outside the famous Pillars of Heracles.
Talks about an empire that ruled with iron-fist a waste area in Mediterranean and North Africa .Now some scientist are taking in great consideration the fact that Plato by Island meant the fact that Capital City of such empire was constructed in an area close to the sea that was altered in an artificial island. According to Plato it took several generation till this “island” was transformed in a magnificent city which the main function was to harbor the trade ships in such a manner that was never done before. Plato expressed the opinion that how such a thing can be human made and not natural. In fact Plato at the beginning is referred to Mythology .He talks about the story of Poseidon falling in love and then intercourseing with a mortal woman Cleito (Possible archaic form of the word klithje.alb=scream. eng) the daughter of native couple Evenor (posb. archaic form of Vendor.alb=native.eng) and Leuccipe (posbl.archaic form of Leshprere. alb=HairCutted.eng which in Laberia Highlands is refered to a woman joining the manhood. Not in the harsh meaning of Manish woman but in the meaning of brave and strong one.)Anyway Poseidon fall in love with this woman Cleito and created the famous Island by digging circle canals around the land that was supposed to be the “house of love” of him and this astonishing woman. Jealousy (typical Mediterranean feeling) was a crucial force of this initiative of the god in isolating the area from the rest of human .Cleito belong to him and none would even dare to think in approaching her. Same old story of locking the Princes in the famous golden tower. Of course by Forces of God Poseidon we can understand that Plato meant the forces of nature that in a certain period of earth costal formation created this shapes that in generations to come were altered and transformed in the famous island of Atlantis. Same stuff as Venetia or today’s Manhattan.
Now there a is certain opinion in the scientific community that Plato was the first one mentioning the name of Atlantis .Well my dear friends its wrong. I don’t want to use other sources but just one. Heredotus in his first book Cleo 202 confirm that this name Atlantis was used at least 100 years ago before Plato.

"But one of the mouths of the Araxes flows with clarity into the Caspian Sea; but the Caspian Sea is by itself, not connected to the other sea. For the sea navigated by all the Greeks and the one outside the Pillars called the Atlantis Sea and the Erythraean, are one and the same."
Now wait a second He is Talking about the sea named Atlantis and another sea Erythrean(Erythrea).Not many people knows the fact that in early days (Herdodtus Time) the Ionnian was known as the Sea of Rhea or Cronus. Could the Sea Erythrean be the Sea of Rea.Till now people identifies the Erythrean Sea with the Red Sea or Indian Ocean but no one ever thought that Heredotus was talking about the Sea that was closer to Hellenic world. In fact we all know that the oceans are all connected with each other but in Herodotus times the knowledge of the world was to much limited as it is now. At that time no one ever toke a journey around Africa so he could establish the existence of the oceans (Indian or Atlantic).In fact Herdotus talks about Thalasos (seas).
Now lets talk about the name of the Sea Erythrean.In my opinion it is the form of the name of the Rhea Sea(Titaness).Rhea was a goddess (titaness) and there are scientific opinions that this name is archaic form of the albanian word Rjedh=Flow.In fact in modern Albanian Rjedh(flow) takes another meaning of the word =pure(eng)=rjedhshem. Well the Ionian Sea is as pure as god’s tear.
Ion was the son of Dyrrachious (who gave the name to Dyrrachiom .modern Durres) he was killed accidentally by Heracles(Illyrian or Etruscan name is Hercles archaic form of Albanian name hekur-le=born as iron) while he(Heracles) was helping Dyrrachios in the war against his brothers. After the death of Ion he throws the body to the sea and so the Sea was called Ionian Sea. Even Adriatic Sea has a Illyrian origin from the word "adur" =water eng.=uje alb.=aqua ital. In Greek =hydro and in English takes the form of Drawn. This freaking Illyrians were really obsessed with water and sea isn’t it.?
Now ,could it be that the Strait Of Otranto many milleniums ago used to be called the Pillars of Herculis and the Adriatic sea used to be Called Atlantis .Heredotus (father of History) used to say that Erythrean and Atlantis Sea were one and the same.
So myths locations ,history ,Heracles ,Titans and Titaness Rea, Atlas, sea name, Durresi has it all.


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